First Floor Refurbishment

Claire is our absolute “colour superstar” and we would like to highly recommend her to everyone who takes on an interior design project! We live in a lovely Edwardian house in Cliftonville that we completely transformed with Claire’s thorough, encouraging and highly professional suggestions.

Claire was very open to our numerous ideas and developed a colour scheme for the entire house that is simply stunning. She provided great and flexible customer service and it was a lot of fun to work with her. A real delight! Support local business, always again.

S Nsom
Margate Homeowner

Hallway | Bathroom

Claire advised us on everything from tiles to paint and paint finishes, to accessories. She chose the scheme for our hallway and bathroom and I can attest to the fact that they look amazing. She has transformed these dull and cold blue rooms into something warm, smart and inviting.

L Lascelles
London Homeowner

Rental Refurbishment

We are a lettings agency managing a number of properties around the Blackheath area. The property Claire advised us on was slightly dated and in need of a spruce up.

Claire recommended a neutral palette with the addition of some bolder colour in the living areas downstairs. She gave a good overview in terms of why the particular colours were chosen and why they will appeal to any future tenants. The landlord was pleased with the colour choices and approved the colour scheme. We have since viewed the property and have found it to be very lovely indeed. The mix of neutral and bold colours is well balanced and attractive.

It was a pleasure to work with Claire. She was pleasant, flexible and easy to communicate with.

Paragon Blackheath
Lettings Agent, Blackheath

Home Makeover

We initially asked Colour Ventures to recommend on the decorating of our young sons room. We’ve since used Claire to advise on the rest of the house and she proved very knowledgeable, quizzing us extensively on what we used each room for, and what our expectations were for the final look. The decorating has now been completed and the colours complement each other perfectly.

A Dobson
London Homeowner

Full Refurbishment

We used Claire’s services to pull our paint scheme together and to advise on tiles for our two bathrooms, and fabrics for couches and roller blinds.

There were particular colours we wanted to use from the Farrow and Ball paint range; greys, blues, pinks and greens, but we weren’t sure which shades of each were best to use or how to put them together, so that they flowed properly throughout the house.

Her ‘materials and colour advice’ service proved to be really helpful when we wanted to tweak a couple of the paint shades farther into the process, to accommodate some changes to our build project. Claire was able to adapt and suggest alternatives, the end result of which we were really happy with.

We would certainly recommend using Claire’s services, our home looks stylish and feels just as we wished, comfortable and chic.

K and H Gillespie
Margate Homeowners

Home Makeover

We are so happy to have enlisted Claire’s help for our refurbishment. We love colour but felt completely at sea with how to use it and it was overwhelming trying to decide what to get for the kitchen, which flooring to choose, how to make everything fit together – especially in a way that felt like us.

The solutions she came up with were such a relief, everything fits together and we absolutely love the paint scheme. It’s bold but not overpowering, just lovely pops against the fresh of the white and all in all, our home has been given a new lease of life. We really like the terracotta floor tiles and blue granite work surfaces in our kitchen, and the mix of colours in the tiles of our loft bathroom.

Claire listened to our needs well and pays great attention to detail. We have used her hourly advice service a few times since, which was really useful.

P and M Ainsworth
North London Homeowners

Home Makeover

Claire gave us a polished, professional service when Colour Ventures was employed to help us re-colour our home.
There was easy discussion between us, and Claire seemed to take so much into consideration when advising us. She understood well what we may or may not like. Also what in our rooms needed to be accommodated, for example, quite new, vibrant blinds that we love had to stay in our dining room. Her reasons for choosing the colours were clearly communicated.

On completion we are delighted, particularly with an Indian yellow (by Farrow and Ball) dining room which we would never have chosen ourselves, and now is one of the favourites! Our painter really enjoyed the work, saying how refreshing it was to do something so cleverly thought through.

B Blair and S Milburn
Dorset Homeowners


I am so pleased I consulted Claire before we updated our master bedroom. I had looked at so many pictures online that my head was spinning and I was no further ahead. From my very vague descriptions, Claire managed to narrow down all the colours to one perfect shade that worked with our existing furniture and textiles. She really brought clarity to the project and we are very happy with the colour and finish.

G Tummonds-Hartley
London Homeowner

Complete Refurbishment

Claire was drafted in to assist in the interior design of an investment property. She gave valuable input where necessary and provided a sound service overall. Thoroughly recommended and no doubt will be drafted on other contracts we undertake.

R Sharma
Development Director,
JT Consultancy Ltd, Greater London

Complete Refurbishment

A family did indeed buy this property. One member got in touch with me and said:

‘One of the main reasons we were attracted to our new property was the colour scheme and design. We fell in love with it as soon as we stepped in and had a tour! The house felt like a home. The colour scheme blends the right emotions and instantly brightens up your mood as soon as you step in. It’s amazing and wonderful. Thank you!’

P Singh
Investment property buyer,
Greater London

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