Georgian Delight, South East London

A three-storey, Georgian townhouse in Greenwich, London, the client was tired of her gloomy hallway and downstairs bathroom.

Firstly, the hallway was painted in a cold, pale blue which certainly wasn’t helping as it was a narrow space with very little natural light.

Secondly the bathroom was a stark white, with only the back wall painted in a deeper, colder blue. This gave the sensation of the walls closing in on you.

Styling advice was also required regarding accessories such as candleholders, lighting and mirrors.

Design concept

To create the desired atmosphere of warmth and comfort I chose a rich and warm, yolk like yellow for the hall that was in keeping with the yellows used in Georgian times.

As with the original blue I decided to keep the yellow beneath the dado rail so that it wouldn’t be overpowering or give the sensation of the hallway being narrower, or darker than it was.

Yellow is complementary to purple which was the existing colour of their living room, coming off the hallway.

The little green conservatory that came off the living room could also be seen from the hallway and thankfully, these two shades were from the same tonal group as the yellow, this ensured the flow of colours from one room to the next was harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

Colour scheme

The top half of the walls and ceiling were painted in an elegant off-white to complement the yellow and to maximise the feeling of space and light.

This yellow and white paint scheme was continued in the same fashion up the stairwells and landings, all the way to the top floor.

The bathroom walls and ceiling were painted in a deep, warm teal which really ‘popped’ on entering the space. As it was a small room, the effect was one of entering a jewel box, a bold colour statement that’s stylish and fun.

All colours were drawn from the NCS (Natural Colour System) paint range.


An arch shaped mirror was repainted in a deep brownish olive for the hallway, along with a brass pendant light for the ceiling and deep brown bowls with gold insides for tea lights.

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