Edwardian Drama Project, Margate

This project was the renovation of a three-storey, five-bedroom, Edwardian property. I came on board to deliver interior design in keeping with the architecture and the client’s taste through a romantically moody and elegant palette of colour, plush textures and detailed, interesting tiles.

Design concept

The client specified a Farrow and Ball paint pallet of blue, grey, pink and green. They wanted to increase the sense of light and space in the ground floor hallway as well as the two staircases which were narrow in comparison to the rooms coming off them, and lacking in natural light, partly due to the front of the house being east facing. They also wanted to create a sophisticated feel throughout that was at the same time, comfortable and warm.

The back of the house is west facing with a number of the rooms enjoying sweeping views from the land to the sea. The client was keen for these rooms to have a connection to the outside through colour.

Paint palette and furnishings

I decided luxurious, rich shades would be best in order to give a sense of comfort and elegance, and ones that worked together to create a feel of moody drama that was warm and inviting. As shown in the last image above, the shades chosen from left to right are:

Mizzle : Chosen to connect with the land and sea in two of the back bedrooms. It was also used on the wood panelling in the master bathroom to complement the wall and floor tiles which were sourced from Topps Tiles

Inchyra Blue: For the staircases and lounge, embracing darker space and creating drama and sophistication

Wimborne White: For the property’s ceilings and woodwork, also used for the master bathroom’s walls

Setting Plaster: For the top half of the ground floor’s hallway walls, to create a sense of warmth and light. Setting Plaster was used in the kitchen and dining room too which flowed off the hallway, as well as in the second bathroom to complement the wall tiles – Blossom Seagrass green by Topps Tiles.

Elephants Breath: For the bottom half of the hallway walls to tie the Setting Plaster and Inchyra Blue together which were in close proximity, and to act anchor the wall to the floor. It provided a lovely contrast to the Setting Plaster and complemented the Inchyra Blue beautifully.

Dove Tail: For the master bedroom to create a sense of intimate calm and to act as a sophisticated back drop to the impressive white, original fireplace and plush navy velvet curtains. Also used in the guest bedroom.

I chose a thick, warm, grey carpet and then made recommendations of various pinks, navy and greys for the client in regards to their window treatments and couches.

Edwardian Style

Traditionally Edwardian décor is full of floral patterns and light, clear colours. This was not to the taste of the client, these Farrow and Ball shades are more in line with those used in the Victorian era – which preceded the Edwardian era – working very well in this property due to their rich depth, perfectly suited for darker spaces and really coming alive in spaces exposed to higher levels of sunlight.



Project Size:
Full Refurbishment

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