Georgian Delight Hallway and Bathroom Interior Design

I was brought on board to provide interior design for this Georgian townhouse’s hallway and bathroom, as well as to supply lighting ideas and advice on various accessories.

Design concept and accessories

My approach was a colour palette in keeping with the architecture because it’s important to maximise a feel of authenticity, certainly in period properties.

For the hallway, a brass pendant light was chosen for the ceiling along with candle holders that oozed soft warmth.

A large, arch-shaped mirror was painted in a rich, brownish olive and hung to create a greater sensation of light and space.


On presenting the client with my choice of yellow for her hallway I was met with some resistance due to yellow being a ‘scary’ colour.

This is not an uncommon response to yellow, and my theory is it’s due to yellow’s psychological properties being the most extreme.

Each of the eleven basic hues have negative and positive psychological properties.

When a particular colour is combined with others from a different tonal family, not of it’s own, then it’s negative psychological properties are communicated.

In the case of yellow, these are: Irrationality, fear, emotional fragility, depression, anxiety, suicide.

Pretty scary!

But when a colour is combined with others from it’s own tonal family, then it’s positive properties are communicated instead. Yellow’s are: Optimism, confidence, self-esteem, extraversion, emotional strength, friendliness, creativity.

Like so many of us, the client may have been exposed to some disharmonious yellow colour combinations in the past, and rightly so, made a negative association with them however, yellow really was the best fit for this hallway and after discussing at length, she decided to be brave and give it a go.

The result was absolutely stunning, and the client was delighted.

The combination of colours that make up this shade: evoke a feeling of optimism, warmth, creativity and friendliness. It increased the sensation of light and space, and is sympathetic to the architecture’s era.

You can read about the colour yellow in more detail, on the blog.


This sumptuous teal was applied to the ceiling as well as the walls to give a ‘jewel box’ effect and turn what was a very bland space into an attractive colour statement.

Being a small area it was important the colour didn’t give the sensation of ‘closing in’ on you.

Choosing a teal rather than a pure blue prevented this, due to the large dose of green that teals contain.

This ensured the effect was soft and undemanding, allowing this deeper intensity of colour to be carried off in such a small space successfully.

The combination of colours that make up this shade: evoke a feeling of calm, peace, serenity and relaxation.

The Project: Period Home
The other rooms in this project: The Garden Room
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