English Country House, Living Room

Moody drama

North facing and receiving little natural light, this living room already had a moody atmosphere about it which was enriched through a new colour scheme and textures, which also provided warmth and comfort.

Colour palette and furnishings

Colours used for this style are often drawn from nature and can range from warm whites, soft greens and yellows, faded pinks, and watery blues and greys through to bold, vibrant versions of these hues.

The red couch was the main focus of this room and I chose a combination of Inchyra and Oval blue by Farrow and Ball from the same ‘tonal group’ as the red, to provide a contrast yet ensure the room had a ‘cocooning’ effect, as it’s north facing.

There are also warm orange, red, and various other shades of blues in the cushions and ornaments throughout the lounge and the Inchyra and Oval blue really made them stand out in an attractive way, once they’d been restyled to effect. As an added bonus, the entire room looks gorgeous against the warm orange of their open fire as well.

Room direction and light

Using colour in a North-facing room requires careful consideration. Instead of battling to make them light and bright, it’s best to embrace the natural situation. These two warm blues are not demanding on the eye, and they provide soft, visual comfort.

The combination of colours that make up these shades: support the reading, watching of television, relaxation, conversation and listening of music that takes place in this space, as well as balance the existing colours of the many objects and furnishings already present.

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Living Room

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