English Country House, Dining Room

Rich dining              

In addition to decorating, this dining room required improved traffic flow and layout so that the frequent entertaining of people, often in large groups, could be enjoyed in sophisticated comfort.

Design Concept

A large amount of entertaining and socialising takes place in this room so it was important the space was decorated in colours to support these activities. A new layout was required, including a cull of some furniture to make the large, wooden dining table the main focus of the room and to allow for enough space around it to cope with the traffic flow of larger groups of people. Large pot plants were placed appropriately to form a connection to the garden, seen through the tall glass windows, and to enhance the floral, Japanese style screen.

Paint palette

This rich, earthy yellow – India Yellow by Farrow and Ball – is as deep as it is bold. It now acts as an amazing backdrop to the collection of art and ornaments, wood and plants. The client wanted to keep the existing purple roller blinds and the India Yellow was the perfect solution to not only complementing them, but also enabling them to become an attractive focal point of the space.

The combination of colours that make up this shade: support the enjoyment of eating and socialising, evoke an energising yet cosy feel, as well as balance the many pieces of existing artwork, furniture and ornaments in this space.

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Project Size:
Dining Room

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