Colour Pop Master Bedroom

‘Milk Jug’, ‘Tangerine’ and ‘Savannah’ by Earthborn Paints are the shades that make up this harmonious scheme.

Applying a Mix of Soft and Strong Colour

View the images above to see how ‘Savannah’ was applied to the chimney breast and ‘Milk Jug’ to the frame of the wall to create visual focus and to accentuate the sight lines. The softness of their hues work for this space of rest and relaxation. The powerful shade of ‘Tangerine’ was saved for the adjacent wardrobe room where it was applied liberally to all of the walls, creating an explosion of colour to be enjoyed without the worry of quality of sleep being impacted.

The Project: Cliftonville Colour Pop
The other rooms in this project: Living Room | Dining Room | Garden Room | Bedroom | Guest Bedroom | Home Office | Bathroom | Hallway |
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Photographic credit : Jo Bridges

Cliftonville, Margate


Project Size:
Full Refurbishment

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