Colour Pop Bedroom

Paint is ‘Duck Egg’ by Earthborn Paints and the ‘Denver’ wallpaper by MissPrint is in ‘Dolly’ and ‘Plains’. A sweet and playful mood was required for this room, along with a mix of patterns.

Mixing Patterns

‘Dolly’ and ‘Plains’ are off a similar pattern which keeps the look cohesive, and the different colour-ways provide the mix. Together they harmonise and their soft shades work to highlight the wonderful, original yellow tiles of the fireplace and floor.

Like the guest bedrooms wallpaper, these modern florals reflect the popularity of floral patterns used in the Edwardian era, securing a meaningful link to the property’s architecture through a contemporary approach.

The Project: Cliftonville Colour Pop
The other rooms in this project: Living Room | Dining Room | Garden Room | Master Bedroom | Guest Bedroom | Home Office | Bathroom | Hallway |
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Photographic credit : Jo Bridges

Cliftonville, Margate


Project Size:
Full Refurbishment

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