We are thrilled to have images from our ‘Colour Pop’ project in Cliftonville, Margate chosen by the wallpaper and fabric design company MissPrint, to feature on their social media. ⁣

Wallpaper is ‘Pea Pods’ in Terracotta by MissPrint was chosen to bring the outside of the garden ‘in’. The modern fauna pattern pays tribute to the popularity of those used in the Edwardian era, ensuring the scheme is in keeping with the property’s Edwardian architecture and the project’s contemporary brief. ⁣’Colour Pop’ was a fantastically creative project to be involved in, full of pattern and colour. We’re looking forward to using MissPrint wallpapers again soon.

Fun fact: Orange is complementary to blue and complementary colours are maximised visually when placed alongside each other. This can be seen playing out in the image above between the print of Vladimir Tretchikoff’s 1952 ‘Chinese Girl’, ‘Pea Pods’ wallpaper and the turquoise of the original Edwardian hearth tiles.⁣

We absolutely love this interior scheme by @ColourVentures featuring our Pea Pods design in Terracotta. The pops of yellow perfectly complement the bold wallpaper, creating a stunning living room space.

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