Claire is interviewed by Miami style website after discovering her design for a Miami inspired bathroom makeover.

Claire, we’d love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today both personally and as an artist.
I come from New Zealand and in my twenties, I went on a backpacking stint around the Mediterranean and Middle East. I’d always had an interest in architecture and interior design, but this trip was a major turning point for me.

I’d never before been exposed to the variety of architecture I was seeing and I couldn’t stop photographing buildings. Their paint colors and tiles, their exteriors, their interiors, everything about them drew me in and I found myself constantly questioning what it was that made them so attractive to me? Why did I want to spend time in them, to explore them? What was their story? And what did they exude that was so reflective of what I perceived as their personality? Aside from their history it came down to the colors, proportions, the use of shapes and textures and patterns. There was a sense of harmony every time and I knew I’d found my passion.

Afterwards, I went on to study applied color psychology and began developing my own design style, which has a strong focus on the use of color at its core.

We’d love to hear more about your art. What do you do you do and why and what do you hope others will take away from your work?
I am passionate about the blend of design and color psychology to create interiors people can connect to, feel inspired by and comfortably enjoy. Because color is so subjective, it plays a crucial role in how a design is received overall and I gladly throw all my time and energy into every project to design beautiful spaces that really speak to my clients on a personal level.

I used to be a ballet dancer and the nature and energy of movement has always been an innate part of my expression. Sharing that creative energy and freedom of movement with others and evoking positive emotion has always been a key part of my drive.

With interiors that sense of flow and movement is in the energy of color and light, in symmetry and pattern, the placement of beloved objects, in walking from room to room and feeling what you’ve always imagined you wanted to feel.

Producing designs that reflect people and suit their lifestyle is what makes my job so meaningful and how I share my passion with others, by enabling their surrounding environments to be unique to them and ensuring the continuation of evoking positive, human emotion.

How can artists connect with other artists?
Yes make the effort to stay inspired regarding your work. Finding a new concept to pursue helps to prevent me feeling stagnant and pushes me to keep reaching out to fellow creatives as well as suppliers, and lots of other people that make up my professional community.

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