About Me

I am passionate about the blending of interior design and colour psychology. I founded Claire Templer Design to create inspiring interiors for people, and every project is welcomed as an opportunity to craft exciting and beautiful spaces to live and work in.

Claire at work at Colour VenturesMy love affair with all things interiors became apparent during a back packing stint through the Middle East and Mediterranean, two decades ago. Originating from New Zealand, I’d not been exposed to the variety of architecture I was seeing and I couldn’t stop photographing buildings.

Their colours, tiles, exteriors, interiors, everything about them drew me in and I found myself constantly questioning what it was that made them so attractive to me?

Why did I want to spend time in them, to explore them? What was their story?

Aside from their history it came down to the colours, proportions, the use of shapes, textures and patterns. There was a sense of harmony every time. I knew I’d found my passion.


After enrolling to study applied colour psychology at Colour Affects, I saw the colour light and have since enjoyed every minute of incorporating the power of colour into projects whilst furthering my design skills at KLC.

I used to be a ballet dancer and the nature and energy of movement has always been an innate part of my expression. Sharing that creative energy and freedom of movement with others, enabling that human connection and evoking positive emotion has always been at the core of my work.

With interiors that sense of flow and movement is in the energy of colour and light, in shape and pattern, the placement of beloved objects, in walking from room to room and feeling like you are home.

For all your interior design requirements contact me to get started.

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