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Hi, I’m Claire, a designer that loves to create schemes that truly make you feel at home, and a colour consultant that’s passionate about giving you the knowledge and confidence to curate your own colour! 

Colour Consultancy

My consultation service is ideal for tackling colour and styling decisions such as choosing paint shades or tiles, making new furnishings work with existing ones, or creating eye-catching displays

Claire Templer of Colour Ventures

Interior Design

Following an initial free home visit I will guide you through the recommended RIBA design process to a stunning end result you love and can comfortably enjoy  

The Claire Templer Colour and Design Journal

Visually Communicating A Design

Exploring when and when not to use sketch drawings, mood boards, 3-D models and furnishing and finishing boards in our design process.

Creating A Paint And Tile Scheme

Finding tiles that work with your paint colours and vice versa is a common conundrum and one I’m asked to help clients with frequently, so I’d like to share a couple of tips on how to choose a tile and paint scheme that will work together for an eye-catching and harmonious look.

An Opinion On Yellow

Not for the first time a recent client deemed yellow to be her ‘scary colour’! Yellow is fascinating because it’s wavelength is long and therefore stimulating. Also known as a ‘psychological primary’, it’s stimulus is emotional, meaning its positive and negative properties make an impact on us psychologically.

Miami Pastels, With A Twist

When a colour combination is harmonious, then the effect is the same as if listening to harmonious musical notes; pleasant to listen to and nice to be around.

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